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LOFTER's upcoming projects preserve essences in signature historical items

LOFTER's upcoming projects preserve essences in signature historical items, adopting the latest technologies and integrating inheritance and innovation harmonically.

How this Hong Kong developer is blending old and new to produce modern buildings

Running most of the length of the store is a counter made of solid wood, called the "Long Dragon". The head of the counter where money was collected was called the "Precious Dragon Head". Behind this part of the counter sat the chief shopkeeper. The far end is the "Dragon Tail", on which always stood a brass mortar. Every morning a simple ritual known as "Prospering the Dragon" was performed to commence the day.

The second category is applied art which includes photography and design, and the third is Hong Kong contemporary art which includes prints, ceramics, paintings, sculptures and other media. Apart from the art collections, the Heritage Museum also holds a number of important historical and cultural collections such as Cantonese opera artefacts, Hong Kong toys and comics, memorabilia of local popular artistes, as well as early calendar posters.

Over the years, the Museum has also been collecting historical objects reflecting the disappearing Chinese traditional art forms and occupations. There are more than 850 puppet accessories and musical instruments, as well as over 1,500 items related to wedding customs, religious practices and traditional trades. These artifacts provide valuable information for us to understand the development of traditional entertainment, customs and beliefs, as well as the early trades of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum also manages three special branch museums, namely Sam Tung Uk Museum, Sheung Yiu Folk Museum and Hong Kong Railway Museum. The former two museums, which were originally Hakka villages, feature the rural life of the old days. The last one, originally a railway station, tells you the story of Hong Kong’s railway transportation. Don’t forget to keep a close eye on the museum’s website to update the exciting programmes of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

The chief shopkeeper behind the counter head would take up his abacus and shook it to make some sound. This was echoed by the stamping sound of a pestle against the mortar on the far end of the counter, done by his deputy. This ritual was meant to evoke a prosperous business. As for religious beliefs, people working in Chinese medicine shops worship "Yaowang" as the patron god of Chinese Medicine. The birthday festival of "Yaowang" was a time of celebration for everyone in the shops.

The Museum has a comprehensive collection of Hong Kong stamps, reaching around 4,000 items. These philatelic items illustrate the development of local postal history. The Museum also possesses a currency collection of around 5,500 items. It comprises not only local banknotes and coins, but also those of Macau and Guangdong, giving a more rounded picture of the Hong Kong economy over the years.

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政府重建 計劃 對房地產價值的影響在發達國家和發展中國家都是顯而易見的。在發展中國家,政府主導的基礎設施、企業和服務投資可以顯著改善公民的生活品質。同時,重建計劃也可能導致房地產價值上升,從而為土地擁有者帶來可觀的經濟利益。 在發達國家,許多政府正在投資大規模的重建計劃,這些計劃可能導致房地產價值上升。這些計劃通常側重於恢復城市中心的活力,或重新開發廢棄和未充分利用的財產。對高速公路、公共交通和其


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