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"Patszikui" (a cabinet of 100 children), which usually has 100 small drawers, is used in a traditional Chinese medicine shop to store various herbal medicine. A serial of drawer from bottom to top, would be pulled out and stepped by the counter staff to reach the medicine kept near the top.

樂風夥施羅德資本等外資逾15億收購尖沙咀舊樓 計劃重建甲廈


The Hong Kong Heritage Museum, opened in December 2000, is under the management of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government. It is a multi-disciplined museum which explores the unique cultures of Hong Kong, with special focuses on local living and creative culture such as design, photography, popular culture, Cantonese opera and intangible cultural heritage. It also showcases and connects the cultures of the world with the peoples of Hong Kong.

Shing Chai Tong was formerly located at 180 Queen's Road Central. It was one of the first Chinese herbal medicine shops in Hong Kong. Before starting his business in Hong Kong in 1885, Mr. Tang Sek-kwan had a sizable herbal medicine shop in Guangzhou. Mr. Tang maintained good relationship with the government officials in Guangzhou and that explains the reason for having five plagues given by the Chinese officials in shop.

A lively and diverse range of exhibitions and programmes are organized to engage the visitors in a highly enjoyable and educational experience. The collection of the museum is wide-ranging but can be broadly classified as art, historical and cultural materials by nature. Its art collection consists of three main categories. The first category is Chinese fine arts collection, which includes Chinese antiquities spanning from the Neolithic period to Qing dynasty, as well as a comprehensive collection of Chinese paintings and calligraphy of the Lingnan master Chao Shao-an.

Furthermore, the Museum has acquired over 19,000 historical documents and books, including accounts, certificates, business and government letters, textbooks and other items, all of which shed light on the social, economic and educational development of Hong Kong.

Other items of local historical interest include industrial products, furniture and commercial items, Dr Sun Yat-sen's and his family's collection, the items collected from various government departments prior to the 1997 Handover and those relating to the Handover Ceremony, etc.

Interior of the Shing Chai Tong Herb Co. established in 1885 in Hong Kong. It was originally located at 180 Queen's Road Central.


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K11購物藝術館 K11是香港的一座購物中心,號稱是「購物藝術館」,位於油尖旺區尖沙咀,河內道18號重建項目重建項目的商場部份。K11樓高6層,樓面面積34萬平方呎,耗資30億元興建,於2009年11月27日對外開放,開幕典禮於同年12月17日舉行。K11項目被新世界發展號稱為「全球首個購物藝術館」。 K11 2019年翻新前的K11中庭 2013年地下至1樓開設面積超過17,000平方呎的agn

我們是商界領導的非牟利房社企,由新世界發展創立,透過研究、倡議與先導項目,尋找中短期房屋措施及長遠方略,多管齊下紓解香港房屋及土地供應等問題,令香港成為一個更宜居的城市。 Reimagining Hong Kong’s housing solution 千里之行,始於足下。欲解決深層次問題,須具備創新思維;要衝破樊籬關卡,須取得社會共識;讓市民盡早受惠,就要坐言起行。新世界發展過去一直關注香港房屋