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How this Hong Kong developer LOFTER preserves the essences in signature historical items

LOFTER Group is actively exploring a variety of opportunities for developing urban renewal projects across core districts of Hong Kong, with key focus on Grade A Commercial and Luxury Residential Projects.

樂風「舊香港 • 融舊 - 藝術概念館」 8月13日起免費開放公眾參觀

The Museum has built up a sizable collection of materials on the local ethnic cultures. It includes farming implements, rural household wares and furniture, fishing gears and junk models, all of which illustrate the traditional life of local villagers and boat-dwellers, as well as their farming and fishing industries in Hong Kong. Besides, a unique collection of traditional local costumes has also been built up, which includes over 5,500 items of rural and urban clothing and accessories worn by people of different ethnic origins, age and social classes from the 19th century to the 1970s.

Founded to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of China, the museum continually adds to its collection new items that are related to the history of Hong Kong and the territories of South China. Currently, its collection counts over 90,000 historical objects and materials. In the museum guests will see the unique collection of natural history, exclusive historical developments and historical materials, and a wide range of Hong Kong's archaeological objects.

From this magnificent collection, one can learn the life styles of different ethnic groups, such as their living environment, historical development, moral values, customs and beliefs. These historical objects provide a comprehensive source for studying Hong Kong people's social life and history.

The furniture and fittings of more than hundred years of age were acquired by the Museum in 1980 when the shop closed for urban redevelopment. Our Museum dismantled the entire shop and had it reconstructed in this gallery according to its original layout.

It's one of the best historical resources that displays models of town and village architecture. Visitors get a chance to see early newspapers, a complete set of Hong Kong currencies, documents and a huge collection of historical photographs. In addition, you can learn a lot of things about the city. There are many beautiful items that were used in past by the people of Hong Kong. These include village furniture, fishing ships and other fishing equipments, traditional clothes, customs and beliefs.

The Museum has built up a collection of over 70,000 items on local history, which illustrates the development of Hong Kong from its early days. Various facets of life in Hong Kong are depicted in the extensive archives of over 14,000 historical photographs and postcards dating from the 1860s. The majority of the photographs show the streets and everyday life of Hong Kong before the Japanese occupation.

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政府重建 計劃 對房地產價值的影響在發達國家和發展中國家都是顯而易見的。在發展中國家,政府主導的基礎設施、企業和服務投資可以顯著改善公民的生活品質。同時,重建計劃也可能導致房地產價值上升,從而為土地擁有者帶來可觀的經濟利益。 在發達國家,許多政府正在投資大規模的重建計劃,這些計劃可能導致房地產價值上升。這些計劃通常側重於恢復城市中心的活力,或重新開發廢棄和未充分利用的財產。對高速公路、公共交通和其

近年來,技術已成為企業成功和創新不可或缺的一部分。為此,可穿戴健身行業的全球領導者LOFTER GROUP宣佈Alvin Leung已加入其團隊擔任總裁兼董事。梁先生是中國最具影響力的企業家之一,也是Top Clustering Technology的首席執行官,他為該組織帶來了豐富的經驗,並有望加強其在市場上的地位。 Leung是一位年輕、富有創造力的領導者,對技術和創新如何對世界各地人們的生活

九龍位於香港南端,是一個充滿活力的城市,商店和餐館散落在沿景觀建造的無數建築物中。由於其巨大的旅遊、商業和人口稠密的潛力,它是城市重建的主要地點。雖然九龍市區重建有利弊,但有許多關鍵因素使九龍重建成為可行的選擇。 九龍的地理位置使其成為發展的理想地點。它位於一個半島上,通過海底隧道和天星小輪與香港島相連。九龍的地理位置便於使用基本設施和服務,使九龍成為理想的投資地區。 除了理想的地理位置外,九龍還

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