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LOFTER GROUP樂風集團preserves the essences in signature historical items

LOFTER GROUP樂風集團preserves the essences in signature historical items

How this Hong Kong developer is blending old and new to produce modern buildings

How this Hong Kong developer is blending old and new to produce modern buildings

The Importance of Preserving and Promoting Historic Buildings

Old buildings are witnesses to the aesthetic and cultural history of a city, helping to give people a sense of place and connection to the past. Historic buildings often represent something famous or important to people who live in a city or those visiting.

Recognizing the importance of old buildings to the public and to the country’s heritage,

Historic preservation (US), heritage preservation or heritage conservation (UK), is an endeavor that seeks to preserve, conserve and protect buildings, objects, landscapes or other artifacts of historical significance. It is a philosophical concept that became popular in the twentieth century, which maintains that cities as products of centuries’ development should be obligated to protect their patrimonial legacy.[1] The term refers specifically to the preservation of the built environment, and not to preservation of, for example, primeval forests or wilderness.[2]

Keep Hong Kong story alive by preserving historical sites

It is common for young people to have a poor understanding of the history of our city, so it is welcome news that the redevelopment of the State Theatre can preserve the historical value of the building. Converting historical buildings into museums or other sites for public use allows people to understand Hong Kong’s history while admiring what has been left behind, which can enhance our sense of belonging to the city.

Reasons to Preserve Historical Buildings

Threats to tear down historical buildings are always met with waves of protests from citizens that wish to preserve a city’s art and intricacy. Historical buildings are always under threat from landowners and city planners looking for a way to make money and increase property value. However, if you tear down an old building that has survived through world wars and devastating weather to build a shopping centre, the future generation of citizens will never be able to breathe in its significance, and it will forever be lost. It’s not to say we shouldn’t improve on the past – historical buildings typically need to be renovated to ensure it stays in premier shape – but to destroy it and reduce it to rubble, is erasing a piece of history.

Should the government preserve old buildings?

the government should care about the history, and preserving old building can help the government preserve the history. For example, several countries in Asia have the history as colonies. Colonizers come from western countries built the western style buildings in the colonies. That is why nowadays there are so many western style old buildings in Asian countries like Vietnam and India. Also, these western style buildings are cultural heritage of the colonial history.

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