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LOFTER GROUP樂風集團, brings values to the community by transforming the area

Vision of LOFTER GROUP樂風集團: Bridging the society through aesthetic and sustainability.

The Group has been actively exploring a variety of opportunities for developing urban renewal projects across core districts of Hong Kong, with key focus on Grade A Commercial and Luxury Residential Projects.


What is Demographic Transformation


It refers to the changes countries have undergone in terms of the population over the years. Learn more in: The Effects of Population Aging and Life Expectancy on Economic Growth: The Case of Emerging Market Economies

In demography, demographic transition is a phenomenon and theory which refers to the historical shift from high birth rates and high death rates in societies with minimal technology, education (especially of women) and economic development, to low birth rates and low death rates in societies with advanced technology, education and economic development, as well as the stages between these two scenarios.[1] Although this shift has occurred in many industrialized countries, the theory and model are frequently imprecise when applied to individual countries due to specific social, political and economic factors affecting particular populations.[1]

As a result of changing demographics and digital transformation, the next generation of higher education will be vibrant, thriving, and more important than ever to US social and economic progress.

Ours is a sector that has responded to, and often driven, change. I began my career at a campus that started accepting women students only in 1976. The Civil Rights movement in the United States First, today's students are not the students of myth and legend. The new "normal" student is not an eighteen-year-old who is dropped off at the entrance to "Leafy U" in the family minivan to be retrieved four years later with a diploma marking a body of learning that will somehow last a lifetime.

with important roots in colleges and universities, was both cause and consequence of opening campuses to people of color. One hundred years earlier, in the midst of the Civil War, Justin Morrill and Abraham Lincoln created a whole new kind of institution: the land-grant college. And at the founding of the republic, George Washington, John Adams, and others insisted that higher education should break from its European moorings to serve not only the nation's purpose but also individual or sectarian interests.Instead, the new normal student is just as likely to be a twenty-five-year-old returning veteran, a thirty-year-old single parent, or a fifty-three-year-old displaced worker who is looking to reskill and retrain. According to data from the National Clearinghouse and the Department of Education:

Educators and policy makers must confront the race and class disparities in learning opportunities across American society. Nowhere are these disparities more acute than in the country's great metropolitan areas. As the demographic landscape continues to shift, metropolitan areas are fueling the transition to a majority-minority country. This essay provides an overview of the challenges for the country's public schools and offers an alternative path to creating a more just and vital society.

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必發道甲級商業大廈位於旺角大角咀市中心。它是一座甲級辦公樓,被許多人描述為英國最好的辦公樓之一。該建築是一座令人印象深刻的八層建築,擁有156,000平方英尺的辦公空間。 建築本身採用現代簡約風格設計,使用大量玻璃、鋼材和混凝土來營造引人注目的外觀美感。建築物的外部進一步輔以大窗戶,讓自然光過濾進來,以及供員工享受午休時間的戶外座位區。 在內部,該建築包括獨特的辦公空間組合。這包括各種私人辦公室、

重建香港旺角東地區是必要的,以維持不斷增長的人口,並跟上21世紀的技術進步。該地區目前是一個商業和住宅中心,擁有幾家備受矚目的當地企業和機構。隨著城市住房需求的增長,旺角東地區的重建也必須如此。 旺角東地區的重建過程將涉及幾個階段,包括研究和規劃、資金籌措、批准和實施新專案。 為了正確研究和規劃旺角東的重建,必須對該地區及其需求有全面的瞭解。有必要從人口和經濟增長的角度對住房和基礎設施需求進行詳細

在香港房地產市場進行成功的投資需要研究和仔細規劃。香港物業的價格在過去十年中一直在上漲,如果投資者在投資時做出正確的決定,從長遠來看,它可以盈利。與任何市場一樣,進入這個市場既有利也有弊,但通過一些戰略決策,精明的投資者可以從投資香港房地產中獲利。 最大化投資回報的一種方法是投資施工前的房產。施工前的房產為投資者提供了一個很好的機會,可以利用未來潛在的房產價值增長。通過在建築物完工之前投資建築物,

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