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lofter樂風集團消息及MT programme

LOFTER pressroom

(17 February 2022 – Hong Kong)LOFTER GROUP (“LOFTER” or “the Group”), a Hong Kong-based property developer, is pleased to announce the partnership with Singapore-based pan-Asian real estate investment firm, SC Capital Partners, to acquire majority undivided shares in Nos. 2-4A Ping Lan Street and Nos. 26-28 Ho King Street, Ap Lei Chau for residential-cum-commercial redevelopment.

(2022年2月17日 - 香港)本港房地產發展商樂風集團 ("樂風" / "集團") 宣佈,與總部位於新加坡的房地產私募股權投資公司 SC Capital Partners 合作,已完成收購鴨脷洲平瀾街2至4A號和好景街26至28號的大部分不可分割業權作住宅項目重建。

樂風集團夥新加坡SC Capital Partners收購鴨脷洲舊樓 涉資4.18億

(5 January 2022 – Hong Kong)LOFTER GROUP (“LOFTER” or “the Group”), a Hong Kong-based property developer, is pleased to appoint Mr. Alvin Leung to the new leadership role of investment management as the group plans to strengthen its real estate investment platform. Leung will oversee LOFTER GROUP’s acquisition, investors relationship and asset management. Reporting directly to Ms. Carol Chow, founder and chairperson of LOFTER GROUP, Leung will drive collaborations with various business partners and industry practitioners, and to catapult the firm’s success.

(2022年1月5日 - 香港)本港地產發展商樂風集團欣然宣佈,委任梁鎮峰先生加入其 管理團隊為投資管理總監,以強化其房地產投資平台。梁先生將直接向集團創辦人及主 席周佩賢小姐匯報,主要負責集團的物業收購、投資者關係及資產管理業務,並與各業 務夥伴及地產界從業員緊密合作,帶領公司取得卓越成績,邁向成功。

【SCMP】How this Hong Kong developer is blending old and new to produce modern buildings

LOFTER GROUP, a professional building services operator, has collected about 100 classic items left behind by the owners of 26 ageing buildings it has redeveloped and refurbished over the past nine years.

Carol Chow, who founded Lofter in 2012, decided to turn two ground-level shops at its recently acquired HK$600 million (US$77 million), 50-year-old tong lau (tenement building) in Prince Edward into a 4,000 square feet Concept Studio to showcase the collection until August 27.

LOFTER Management Trainee Programme

“GROW with LOFTER” is an intensive and comprehensive program. Each Trainee is provided with a wide spectrum of customized training, plenty of learning opportunities, and coaching for professional career development to gain all-rounded and diversified business exposure.

Trainees will be assigned to work in different project to obtain the practical skills and knowledge in real estate industry. By the end of the program, the trainees will be allocated to a role according to his/her academic background, interests and strengths.

​We provide support to enable trainee to thrive in their roles. Each trainee is assigned to a mentor with a title of senior manager or above. The mentorship program aims to provide professional advice on daily task and guidance on personal development.

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