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K11 Musea Parking | 泊車

K11 musea parking

K11 Musea Located at the heart of Victoria Dockside

Welcome to the sparkling new global Cultural-Retail destination — K11 MUSEA.

With a name inspired by the Muses in Greek mythology, K11 MUSEA aspires to enrich your daily life through the power of creativity, culture and innovation. Located in the heart of the Victoria Dockside art and cultural district, this world-class experiential landmark brings in immersive experiences in retail, art, culture, entertainment and gastronomy, all under one roof.

About K11 MUSEA

K11 MUSEA is the new cultural-retail destination on Victoria Dockside, Hong Kong. Inspired by ‘A Muse by the Sea’, K11 MUSEA is designed to enrich the new consumer’s daily life through the power of creativity, culture and innovation. After 10 years of planning and building, K11 MUSEA opened its doors in August 2019 to usher in a new era of cultural retail which speaks to the growing consumer demand for naturally immersive experiences of art, culture, nature and commerce.

K11 MUSEA Parking:

Parking offers exclusively for KLUB 11 Members:

Enter K11 MUSEA car park after 5pm, with any spending at any restaurant outlets of K11 MUSEA (please refer to below list of selected restaurant outlets) and by presenting the relevant machine-printed receipt and corresponding electronic payment slip on the same day of purchase, or Members can enjoy free parking at Car Park until 12am midnight.

Promotion period: Now till 31 Mar 2022

Free parking redemption counter: G/F Koncierge

Free Parking Privileges

i. Cross-mall Parking Privileges* (Applicable for All Visitors)

Present same-day receipt(s) from K11 MUSEA or K11 Art Mall to enjoy the following parking privileges at K11 MUSEA:

Free Parking

Monday – Thursday Same-Day Spending of

Friday – Sunday & Public Holidays

Same-Day Spending of


Any Spending





ii. KLUB 11 Parking Privileges

KLUB 11 Black Card Members

-Enjoy 2 hours of complimentary parking (Time-Limited offer#: No spending required)

KLUB 11 Gold Card Members

-Enjoy 1 hour of complimentary parking (Time-Limited offer#: No spending required)

KLUB 11 General Members

-Register as a new General Member via the 'K11 HK' Mobile App, K11 MUSEA's Official WeChat mini program or at Koncierge (G/F) to receive an extra 1 hour free parking on registration day only.

-New members must redeem free parking at Koncierge (G/F) to enjoy the offer.

HK Property Developer New World Development

New World’s mission is to create, and orchestrate our creativity and social innovation for the next generation. Only by doing so can we truly connect business success with social progress.

New World Development announces today that in the face of the severe fifth wave of COVID-19, and in the spirit of Creating Shared Value, it is launching Hong Kong’s first large-scale crowd-donation platform Share for Good. The platform is a response to the increasing number of citizens self-quarantining at home and the rising demand for anti-epidemic supplies, while it also provides an answer to the urgent needs of the underprivileged, whose daily life has been hugely impacted.


LOFTER GROUP, a professional building services operator, has collected about 100 classic items left behind by the owners of 26 ageing buildings it has redeveloped and refurbished over the past nine years.

#preserve #creativity #rejuvenating #transformation

LOFTER GROUP's core business is to develop exceptional and high-quality residential, commercial, retail, and industrial properties.

The Group has been actively exploring a variety of opportunities for developing urban renewal projects across core districts of Hong Kong, with key focus on Grade A Commercial and Luxury Residential Projects.

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樓市死氣沉沉,蝕讓成交一單接一單,個別代理行生意亦大減。元朗世宙有業主移民急讓,以638萬元蝕錢出貨,並啃辣稅傷上加傷,持貨一年多共輸約103.8萬元。同時,10月代理「爭食指數」惡化,平均約9.4人爭一單,有大型代理行上月佣金收益更跌至約8個月的低位。 一般來說, 而這些並不是完全重要,更加重要的問題是, 老子曾經說過,知人者智,自知者明。勝人者有力,自勝者強。這似乎解答了我的疑惑。 而這些並不

花旗看好港銀明年盈利增長。本港銀行同業拆息(HIBOR)周一個別發展,其中與樓按相關的一個月期HIBOR微跌至3.19155厘,連跌4日,更短期的HIBOR亦見下跌,惟兩個月突破4厘,跟3個月、6個月及12個月齊告上揚。花旗引述滙豐控股(00005)管理層保守估計指,本港淨息差會在今季見頂。放棄工程師專業賣棋子燒鵝 叔本

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